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An Introduction

THE OFFICE was born out of the changing needs in the way people and companies work, that’s why we like to call ourselves an agile office workspace or shared offices services business.

Taking agile in its true definition, being Agile is about being able to understand, adapt, and change quickly in an ever-evolving environment. This, in its simplest form, means that there is no one way to do things. And, that is what we do…

shared office workspace
shared office workspace

More than just an office

The Office is a premium, serviced office provider with flexible offerings ranging from a virtual office to larger office space for professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses.

We provide all you need in an office to make your work experience seamless, comfortable and professional, providing an environment where you and your business can thrive.

Free high-speed internet and off the grid power means no more down time, allowing you the freedom to adapt to an ever changing business environment. We take care of everything else, so you can take care of your business.

Conveniently positioned off the R59

Easily accessible just off the R59 Henley Drive, allowing quick access to both the North and the South, saving time and money, allowing you to be more productive.

shared office workspace

Everything you need in an office, no matter the size of your business

shared office workspace

Comfortable, serviced office space

shared office workspace

Conference and workshop facilities




Reliable electricity we are off the grid


High speed Wifi

henley on klip

Excellent location just off the R59

No contracts, simple transparent pricing

NO surprises, we believe that open honest pricing helps you budget better, allowing you to better manage your cashflow. Flexible rental periods means you are not tied down to onerous long term contracts, we provide you with a fluid environment to meet your needs, to help you focus on what is important, to help you grow and not hold you back. Simple packages to choose from, not complicate your lives further.

shared office workspace
shared office workspace

Whatever the size of your business we have a solution for you


  • No long-term contracts or commitments, we want to support you, and help you grow.
  • Store your stock in our safe, easily accessible on-site storage units.
  • Hold effective workshops, meetings and training sessions as well as video conferences in our fully equipped conference and meeting rooms.

Small business

  • Escape the distractions of home and increase your productivity in a comfortable, professional environment.
  • No more downtime due to load shedding, we are off the grid and fully solar.
  • Up your profile and hold meetings in our fully equipped meeting rooms.
  • Tea, coffee and snacks are available to keep you fuelled so that you can focus on what is important.

Employees of larger companies

  • Get the flexibility of working from home with a productive office environment. Saving you time and travel costs by working closer to home. Reassure your employer of your productivity with our attendance and network reporting tools.
  • Mitigate off site network risks, our network is secure and fully POPI compliant.
  • Our conference facilities and meeting rooms cater for up to 10 people, with free use of our video conferencing and presentation equipment.

Medium and large business

  • Use us as a satellite office saving your employees time and money in travel.
  • Ensure offsite employees are productive with our sophisticated network usage with attendance reporting.
  • Run workshops and training sessions in our fully equipped conference rooms.
  • Save on rent and office equipment and reduce the risk of long-term leases by outsourcing your office requirements, no long-term leases or contracts.
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